hello and happy april fools. no i am not returning just checking in on my failure of a website, of course. just felt like making this anouncement even though i said i will not return. (im still not returning) anyways, thanks for 200k views, i have no idea when i hit this milestone but yea. im off to disappear again, and hell i might even come back for another silly update but this wont be for a while. goodbye.

Luigi's Mansion

Welcome to Luigi's Mansion! (not the game)
My name is Luigi, and here is where you can find everything I feel like putting here and nothing else.
This page is abandoned and has absolutely no use anymore. Thanks to everyone who followed and or checked out the site, I appreciate it. I will be hosting my projects to GitHub so my stuff can still be useable. I will not be coming back this time.

Mario Kart 8 Build Randomizer (GitHub Redirect)

do not click luigi-cheese.gif! i am warning you!
oh yeah, put luigi-cheese.gif on your site like a button or something. spread luigi-cheese.gif all over the globe.