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Why This Exists

I wanted a website. Found Neocities, and then Luigi's Mansion (not the game) was made. Originally made to be a game review website, I thought it was too generic. Plus, Metacritic and whoever the hell does game reviews already exists anyways. I write about my favorite games and movies to fill the empty void of what should've been the main gimmick of the website, just for the heck of it. Now it's a little personal, actually it's just personal in general. I do put my projects on here, sometimes, but I do end up deleting the pages. This is the entire main purpose of Luigi's Mansion (not the game), to be a place for me.

About Luigi

I am UserLuigi, but most people call me Luigi. I am socially awkward in real life but on the internet, I do not care who I speak to lol. I am 15 years old as of writing this and if I remember to update this I will change that. I am a big Nintendo fan-boy. I can't even tell you how many Mario stuffies I have from when I was a kid. Just in case you didn't know, Luigi is my favorite. I own almost all the Nintendo consoles besides N64 and Gamecube. My favorite game consoles just have to be the Wii and the Switch, and handhelds have to go to the DS family. Yes, I have pretty much no other consoles besides Nintendo ones. I can't think of anything else to say, honestly.