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Here is where I put the updates I made to the site. Read if you would like because this doesn't really mean anything.

May 17th 2023 - JOURNAL UPDATE + FONTS

  • Journal has been added. Read what goes on in my life, hoping to update this frequently.
  • Epic fonts (Super Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion fonts)
  • Only 1 selection of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon music, the title theme. YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE VIDEO TOO SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, CRAZY!
  • Removal of Game Review archive, Random Thoughts (replaced by Journal) and edited some stuff.

May 14th 2023 - I'm coming back

  • I am back, that's all that changed.

October 27th 2022 - It Is Halloween! in like 4 days lol

  • Added some spooky boos on the main page!
  • Added legit Luigi's Mansion music!

July 19th 2022 - MASSIVE SITE UPDATE!

  • Game reviews is no longer the only thing on the site! Welcome Luigi's Mansion!
  • Nostalgia for background music! (top 150 mario songs of all time by Game Domain)
  • Added Random Thoughts section for me to dump everything going on in my head for absolutely no reason.
  • Added a devlog page, which currently isn't live but will go live soon.
  • Main page overhaul, removed all the unnecessary clutter.
  • Changed the message in the chat section to "unless I'm awake".
  • Changed about page.
  • Changed main page.
  • Changed site title from Luigi's Game Reviews to Luigi's Mansion.
  • More to come!

July 15th 2022 - Nothing New, Only Vibes

  • I changed the music to a whole new selection of songs. Nothing new, only vibes.

July 11th 2022 - REVIEWS OMG!!!

  • Added Celeste, Gorilla Tag, Super Mario 64 and Super Paper Mario to the list of reviews!
  • Fixed some grammar and spelling errors.
  • Added a quick emulation guide for emulating games I review. (Real short.)
  • Fixed changelog layout issue right after I released this lmao

July 10th 2022 - New Reviews and Stuff!

  • Added Fall Guys to the list of reviews!
  • Cool peeps section on home page! (CLICK ON THE BADGES TO GO TO SAID SITE!!!)

July 9th 2022 - MORE!

  • Added Phasmophobia to the list of reviews!
  • More music warnings will be added to certain games. (Not an issue if site is muted.)
  • Added a space for announcements in the home page.
  • Added an announcements archive to the botton of the home page.
  • Got rid of unnecessary headers in the home page.

July 8th 2022 - New Stuffs

  • Added Beat Saber and Terraria to the list of reviews!
  • Warning for loud music will now be added to some reviews. (Not an issue if site is muted.)
  • Added an about page link to main page.
  • Finally removed scroll bar for cleaner look and less clutter.

July 7th 2022 - Release

  • Website officially finished.
  • Added background music, will autoplay if sound settings are on.
  • Added some reviews to start off the site. (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Boneworks).
  • Stuck my badge at the bottom of some pages.
  • Added luigi cheese gif.
  • Added the title of the music playing in the reviews.
  • Added chat for suggesting reviews and chatting.

feel free to put my badge in your site :)