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Boneworks is a virtual reality experience that came out December 10th, 2019 on the Steam platform. It's originally priced at $29.99 on the Steam store, and usually goes on sale for quite cheaper ($6-$7 cheaper). As of the time of writing this, the game has 25,943+ reviews total, most being very positive. To most people, Boneworks is seen as the most advanced VR game released with it's "Hyper realistic VR object and environment interaction" and story.


I love Boneworks. It's combat feels smooth, the physics is great, it's just the definitive virtual reality experience. Just to bring this to attention though, the story is mighty confusing. Sandbox mode is really the only replayability aspect of Boneworks unless you want a bigger understanding of the story. By the way, the guns feel way better than melee weapons. A must play if you have a PC to play the game with, cause it is not compatible with standalone headsets. Bonelab is though, which is an amazing alternative game to Boneworks with a different story and a little bit more complex on the gameplay side. Why is Bonelab not on the list compared to Boneworks? Because Boneworks is the game that really put VR to the limits, as a physics engine showcase and also a branch to the Stress Level Zero story. Unfortunately, Boneworks locks a lot of its replayable content behind the story; however, public save files do just the trick to get you into sandbox action. Leave it to the completionists, I guess.


Boneworks is definitely a must have VR game, because it's sandbox mode, it's story and it's variety of gameplay elements is what makes it into the top few good VR games. Too bad that most of the fun stuff is locked away in story mode, making you complete the story or just giving it all to yourself using save files. Not originally included in my opinions, but some of the puzzles included in story mode to be able to continue are a bit over the top. Some were easy, some where very difficult to do without having to beat the system.

Soundtrack Highlight

Michael Wyckoff & Jonathan LaMarche - Little Tuscany (Boneworks OST)