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May 15th 2023

I have been looking to buy a 3DS from ebay recently, because I've been having a feeling of nostalgia lately. Like 2 weeks ago I tried to see if I could get my first ever 3DS repaired but they say that the top LCD screen is a "repair shop nightmare," and I definitely have to agree with them like it's just a nightmare even watching someone repair it. Just looking at repair tutorials for the top LCD screen, most of them are 5 hours long, and the ribbon cables are all very fragile so getting to the top screen is a real pain. Next best thing is buying a used console cause the 2 models of 3DS I have aren't being accepted by Nintendo for repairs and replacements.

The model I am looking at is the special edition Year of Luigi 3DS XL model, there are some pictures from the seller below. A good $197.99 total, original price with shipping and tax. Looks good even for a somewhat cosmetically flawed system. Absolutely love this model and it's something I can actually afford for once!

why does the sellers desk look like that lol?
This special edition looks so cool! Rip because of noticable wear though lol

Let's hope I can buy it before another person gets it! I have to buy it through my sisters ebay account so that really sucks.