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May 17th 2023

I had finally convinced my sister to use her ebay account to buy the 3DS model I have been looking at!!! I am super excited for it to arrive! Some good news too, I have officially recovered 2 games for my 3DS. They were both covered in dust on my shelf. I know I'm really good at putting game cartridges in the right spot. Anyway the games I had recovered were Mario and Luigi: Dream Team and Yo-kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits.

Dream Team is so nostalgic for me despite the fact that I had never ever seen past that one Mega Luigi boss fight, it's been a good 9 years since I first bought it too. My aunt actually took me to Toys-R-Us to get it while I was on vacation during Christmas time. Oh the good old days where I had no cares in the world. Yo-kai Watch 2 is actually not as nostalgic as Dream Team but is definitely my most memorable installment of the Yo-kai game series. Sucks that the later games in the series are region locked.

I am so looking forward to playing on a not broken 3DS now... and now that I am older hopefully I don't break this one. :)