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May 22nd 2023

There was no journal entry yesterday, unfortunately because yesterday was insanely stale, so I decided to wait until today to write some things. I did a bit of research on 3ds modding yesterday, so today I had officially hacked my 3ds! This is exciting cause it is known that 3ds is probably the ultimate homebrew device (besides the Wii of course) because of the CFW selection and the methods are easy. Downloading Mario Kart 7 from the eShop alternative I mentioned 2 days ago, and I might actually download Yo-kai Watch 3 because that's the only 3ds game in the series I do not own. Oh yeah, it was actually localized in 2019 but I never knew, probably cause at around the same time Level 5 had basically gone bankrupt because of localization. Recent news said that Yo-kai Watch 4 will be localized for the Switch, so I might actually become a Yo-kai Watch fan again.

Quick update after what I wrote previously: I am not just downloading previously owned software, but I might download a few games I never had before. I might download Tomodachi Life and maybe a Pokemon game if I feel like it. Anyways, eventful day today.