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May 23rd 2023

No good news at all for the 3ds modding scene. It was recently announced that Nintendo had pushed a firmware update that completely patches all soft exploits! That unfortunately means that people looking to homebrew their 3ds may have to get some hardware to be able to mod it. This is devastating, but luckily for me, I had modded my 3ds like a day before this happened so that is some insane luck right there. I have hopes that exploits will get a work around, but it's officially the end of BannerBomb exploit. RIP!

Speaking of some 3ds, if you guys want, I can share my 3ds friend code and maybe even my Switch friend code so if I have the time we can play games together. I don't know when I'll give the codes to you guys, but if you want it, just let me know on my Neocities activity page. Oh and finals are tomorrow and Thursday... not looking forward to that.