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May 24th 2023

BREAKING NEWS. I FAILED MY AP WORLD HISTORY FINAL! This is so bad because my mom has some very high expectations, but luckily for me my grade is a 69% (haha nice) so if I do my missing stuff, I am set for that class. Spanish, British Liturature and Chemistry finals are tomorrow, wish me luck cause these are all 3 classes that have low grades.

A little update on my 3ds, sorry if I am like a broken record... I am just obsessed with Nintendo handhelds, but I am about half way through Yo-kai Watch 1's story. Really cool. I also brought it to school today cause I figured I would get bored when I was done with my finals. I promise I'll try to be less annoying about it, but yeah lol. Good day today, except for my massive fail in my final test in APWH.