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May 31st 2023

A lot of stuff to cover since I didn't write any journals for a bit.

I had finished Yo-kai Watch for the 3ds just a few days ago. It had little to no post game content so I just said I am finished with it. I skipped Yo-kai Watch 2 because the pacing to get to the good stuff takes way too long, and the amount of key quests you have to do to even progress in the story is obnoxious. If you are planning to play Yo-kai Watch 2, just skip it after Yo-kai Watch 1 because Yo-kai Watch 3 holds way more content and there are some very cool battle mechanics there. I am working on beating Yo-kai Watch 3 so I will update you guys on my thoughts on the series when I am done with it, if you care about my opinion on it at all.

I have been watching this guy named Hydreix, and I am enjoying the hell out of his Mario Kart 8 Deluxe content. I took it upon myself to make a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe build randomizer that actually is updated to be up to date with the booster course pass, just because of this one guy I found on YouTube. I am new to Javascript so I had to do a bit of learning, but I did it and it is fully functional, complete with pictures!

That's it pretty much, I am planning on adding a guest book to the site if anyone feels like using it. :) Thanks for reading, ily all!