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June 1st 2023


I hope everyone had a good first day on June. It's the month I was born, so technically, I just have to enjoy it as much as possible. And you know what? Why not begin the countdown towards my birthday!!!! We got a good 27 days to go until my birthday, but until then, we're just gonna keep counting down the days.

I am addicted to Mario Kart, if you couldn't already tell by my Mario Kart 8 Deluxe build randomizer. (please check it out btw!) I need to move my Wii back from the living room to my bedroom so I can play Mario Kart Wii in peace without my cats bugging me, which will be fun because that will require a lot of effort to untangle the wires. Right now though, Mario Kart 8 will have to do.

My behind the wheel session begins tomorrow, June 2nd, and I have gotten no practice in driving. Only 3 and a half hours wont get me anywhere... but that's completely fine. I just hope whatever they tell me to do wont be so difficult on the first day. Is anyone who is reading this doing behind the wheel this year? If so, good luck! Mine lasts until the 29th, unfortunately, which means that I have not much free time later in the day. Enough about me for today lmao.

Anyways, keep being you guys, have a good day!