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Random Thoughts

Here I'll just say stuff that's on my mind and share some stuff I've been doing. Here I will use swears and maybe talk about some sensitive topics, so be aware when reading.

July 25th 2022

I for some reason got sent 2 SD cards, so that means I can mod my Wii and my DSi! Time to begin dumping roms!

July 23rd 2022

I bought an SD card for Wii modding a few days ago and it's STILL not come in. Amazon isn't tracking my package either. I just wanna play CTGP-R :(.

July 22nd 2022

School is fucking useless. I have no job in mind I want to do, I just want to finish school as soon as possible. Honestly I think whatever I am being taught now is absolutely useless. There are no classes for stuff I want to do, e.g game development, web design, programming, etc. I doubt I'll be using these subjects for anything. The only class that I would ever need for game development is physics. Physics plays a big part in most games, especially 3D and VR environments, and so does Math, that's mainly what I am focusing the most on. Everything else like English, Spanish, PE, all useless to me. Just last school year I almost failed all of my classes except Art, Integrated Physics and Math. I learn more on my own than with school.
To stay on topic with school, why the actual fuck do I need summer assignments. Summer break is the break you are supposed to do whatever you want without the worries of school work, homework, projects, anything that has to do with school. I was given 2 summer assignments per class, so that means I got 12 assignments I need to do. Who in the actual hell is going to look at their school device during them summer? Literally nobody. It's ridiculous we have to do work during what was meant to be a mental break. It makes me want to die (not really).

July 20th 2022

I have such a hard time keeping on track with my sleep schedule. I'm always up late at night to get my work done for my game so it's always a struggle. How do people even wake up at the same time everyday? That's crazy.

July 19th 2022

As mentioned in the about page, I have just recently talked with a game developer and gave me some advice on game development and stuff. He said marketing/advertising is essential to have people know and get excited to play your game. That kind just made me want to change my Neocities site into something I can use for other purposes and not just game reviews. So hello Luigi's Mansion, goodbye Luigi's Game Reviews.

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